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Three Phrases to Avoid During an Argument

Words are so powerful: they have the power to uplift us and to destroy us. To create a healthy and fulfilling relationship, proactive and ambitious couples like you will want to be very intentional (and even impeccable) with their words... especially during an argument.

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Life By Elevating Your Relationship

It’s totally possible to be in a state of healthy inter-dependance where: 1 + 1 = elevated 2. Two wholes can literally improve their lives and relationship by elevating their shared path!

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Set Relationship Goals

Setting personal and relationship goals prepares us to form the habits that are in service of our best and most authentic selves and relationship.

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Unplug to Recharge Your Relationship

Have you ever felt like you needed a break from social media or from your phone? Have you ever been distracted by your online notifications even while you were with your partner? We did! If you’re too plugged in to your phone, then unplugging can save your relationship!

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8 Reasons to Start Team Cooking

WE TEAM COOK AND WE LOVE IT! Each weekend, we review recipes, grocery shop, and team cook/meal prep for the entire week.

Team cooking this way may not be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. That said, many people have been interested in our practice so here are 8 reasons why we feel it’s important for us and our relationship

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Surprise Attack Greetings

Our Relationship Zen journey continues to open our eyes to areas where we can improve with the help of personal mindfulness. The area we’re focusing on here are the moments when we say “hello” to each other – we take these moments for granted by giving each other “Zombie Greetings”, but we must not.

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