St. Thomas’ most awesome DATE NIGHT
7:00 PM19:00

St. Thomas’ most awesome DATE NIGHT

Looking for something different to do on a date night? Something fun, intentional, and exciting that’s meant to recharge your relationship’s sense of connectivity and consciousness? Plan to leave your children and other responsibilities elsewhere for a few hours and sign up for an evening focused exclusively on you and your relationship at St. Thomas’ most awesome date night event! The first of its kind!


Two takeaways from this date night experience:

  • Experience and take home a technique for bringing more connection into your current relationship. Connection means less frustration and more intimacy!

  • Be inspired to create an even happier, more mindful, and more meaningful relationship(s) by learning about Relationship Zen principles.

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Relationship Zen: Loving With Intention | Workshop 04
6:45 PM18:45

Relationship Zen: Loving With Intention | Workshop 04


Do you have relationship goals? How are they working out? From our experience, it's easy to get so caught up in our day to day that we can end up neglecting our relationship goals and aspirations. That's why we developed Relationship Zen Strategic Planning a few years ago and why we want to share it with you. Invest in yourself and your relationship by joining us for an evening focused on identifying your most present relationship goals and learn how to create your shared intentions effectively and lovingly.

Two takeaways from this workshop:

  • Bring more intentionality and excitement into your current or future relationship by developing relationship goals;

  • Be inspired to co-create an even happier, more mindful, and more meaningful relationship -- current or future -- by learning about the Relationship Zen Framework.

What to Bring and With Whom:

  • You just need to bring an open mind, good intentions, writing materials, and whatever you need to feel comfortable (i.e journal, yoga block, etc.). We'll bring the rest, including all materials to create a joint activity.
  • You're welcome to come solo, with your friends, or with your lover(s). Whatever works for you!
  • All supplies provided (including Relationship Jar and creative supplies)!


Please note, doors will open at 6:30pm and close promptly at 6:45pm.

Cost & Wait List:

This workshop is $20.00 CAD via Eventbrite. Were you not able to save yourself a spot? Email us at to be placed on a waitlist.

Maximum 10 people for this event, so get it while it’s HOT!

Behavioural Guidelines:

For the benefit of all, each participants must endeavour to behave in ways that lift others up and to foster an atmosphere in which people can feel safe and included.

Accessibility Needs:

Should you have any accessibility needs that could impact your workshop experience, please inform us 48 hours in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Relationship Zen: Loving Through Change | Workshop 03
6:30 PM18:30

Relationship Zen: Loving Through Change | Workshop 03

  • Now Common (Room #306 - 3rd floor) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Even the best intimate partners can feel like their relationship is on shaky ground when faced with changes. Whether changes are due to a shift in living or work arrangements, personal health, financial situations, family dynamics, or personal life, change is constant and it can be destabilizing. Invest in yourself and your relationship by joining us for an evening focused on learning to keep the love going and growing through transitions in your relationship.

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Loving Unconditionally | Workshop 01
6:30 PM18:30

Loving Unconditionally | Workshop 01

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and whether or not you celebrate, if you're interested in exploring ways to express your “self-love” and/or your love for your partner in a more unconditional and fulfilling way, we've got you covered. Join us for an evening of authentic and connected expression for Relationship Zen's first FREE workshop at Now Common in Toronto.

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