8 Reasons to Start Team Cooking

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford


Each weekend, we review recipes, grocery shop, and team cook/meal prep for the entire week.

Team cooking like this may not be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle. That said, many people have been interested in our practice, so here are 8 reasons why we feel it’s team cooking is important for us and our relationship:

  1. Gives our relationship a psychological advantage: Team cooking builds rapport. In Shawn Achor's book, the Happiness Advantage, he discusses the advantages of building real rapport with people, like when best friends or long time colleagues become so attuned to one another that they achieve the ability to complete each other’s sentences. It’s a real psychological thing! The bottom line is that life partners who build rapport think more creatively and efficiently. We feel like we’ve lived this and built this through our team cooking practice.

  2. Makes for a more creative experience: We’ve become much more creative with our meals. David used to have 2 meals every single day: pasta, chicken and veggie with with literally nothing else on it and some kind of stir fry. Lindsey had the ability to make any delicious meal with veggies and pesto, but that was pretty much it! Now, we make new meals on a weekly basis which not only influences our creative ability in our cooking, but in our lives in general!

  3. Saves time: Planning, preparing and cooking as two saves us hours each week! Think about it, only 1 trip to the grocery store per week and having two people in the kitchen at once significantly reduces time on task. This means we have more time for other life priorities. Moreover, cooking for the entire week in one go on the weekend has left us with so much time to do other things on weekday evenings.

  4. Saves money: Team cooking once for the entire week allows us to take advantage of buying “in bulk” in one go (i.e. family packs, larger sizes, 2 for 1 promos, etc.). In the long run, it allows us to save money for other priorities that we have or to have a few extra date nights. And, because it’s such a consistent practice, we find we waste a lot less food.

  5. Builds communication skills: Team cooking encourages us to practice effective communication to get the job done. Makes communication hella easy for real.

  6. Guarantees delicious food made with double the love: Team cooking allows us to have delicious food made with both of our love each week. Doesn’t food made with love taste SO MUCH BETTER?

  7. Teaches us about one another: For example, Lindsey learned that David likes to focus on one task at a time and is usually more comfortable when he follows cooking instructions to a T. David learned about how creative Lindsey can be and how much she prefers to go with her intuition rather than follow cooking instructions. Safe to say a combination of both approaches has been (unexpectedly) awesome!

  8. It creates a positive ripple effect: All these benefits spill over into other aspects of our relationship which strengthens our ability to be “two wholes sharing a path”.

What do you feel are the benefits of team cooking? Have you tried it? Are there alternatives? Any recommendations?

Try it out this week and let us know what you think/post about it so we can see your delicious food!

If you need support setting this practice up in your life and you aren’t sure where to start, connect with us on our Facebook group, by tagging our social media accounts, or by using the #RelationshipZen hashtag.

Don’t know where to start with recipes? Here’s one of our favourites:

https://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/heathers-quinoa-recipe.html (minus the corn)

Sending you and your relationship(s) love and light,


It’s not the strengths of the individual players, but it’s the strength of the unit and how they all function together - Bill Belichick