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We’re a real couple with genuine experiences and game-changing practices to help you create and sustain connected, passionate, and meaningful relationships.

Our coaching style is open, insightful, and transformative.

Inspired by our experiences, growing up in divorced families and with media that portrayed what we found to be a dysfunctional version of love, we became relationship strategists and we’re at your service.



What people are saying

Cristina C. - Waterloo, ONtario

“I love their proactive approach to conflict resolution. Relationship Zen motivates me to review, reflect, and improve upon my relationship with my partner!”

Michael C. - Toronto, ONtario

“David and Lindsey were very experienced in mentoring me through very challenging aspects of my relationship and identifying simple steps to make significant improvements. Their very down to earth approach helped me discover the priorities in my relationship and helped address voids that were missing.”

Alex M. - Globetrotter

“I could continue forever with the benefits of workshops with this amazing duo but it is really something you have to experience and try. You will notice how mindful you become in everyday life and how you begin to realize all you have to be grateful for!”

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