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5 Reasons to Flirt With Your Partner

It’s come to our attention that many people (including us!) eventually stop flirting with their partners. Is it because we’re no longer attracted?

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5 Ways to Love Like it’s Your Last Day on Earth

In a time when we are surrounded by many broken, superficial, or unhealthy relationships, it can be very powerful to identify relationship mentors/role models in our lives. What made their relationship so powerful, especially as they grew older, was that they lived by the following principle:

Live like it’s your last day on earth… No. Love like it’s your last day on earth.

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Our Mindfulness Meditation

We’ve written articles about the importance of mindfulness for Relationship Zen because we believe that you can only project love if you experience self-love, or self-mastery. You can only receive/attract what you have/perceive inside of you! In line with this idea, we’ve also mentioned that meditation is a method to achieve that state of mindfulness and self-mastery.

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