The Materialistic Way of Spreading Love

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” -Buddha

Although the Buddha was probably talking about “gift” in a metaphorical sense, we’re embracing the holiday spirit and want to discuss materialistic gifts of health. One of the foundations of Relationship Zen is the idea that we commit to being agents of positive change for each other. Sometimes you can do this by being materialistic – by giving a gift of health!

This year we came up with the idea of setting ourselves a $40.00 limit to get each other holistic gifts. We’ve also committed to giving people close to us holistic gifts.

“Typical” holiday gifts include jewelry, watches, cologne, purses, gift certificates, alcohol, chocolate, and flowers. These aren’t bad, especially if your partner “desires” these things. However, think about how you can make the gift contribute to their overall sense of well-being, and not just a temporary sense of satisfaction.

For example, why not give a loved one hematite jewelry, aromatherapy oils, gift certificates (art classes, vegan cooking, fitness courses, or well-being related therapies), motivational posters, natural products such as tea, coconut oil, and… yeah, flowers, trees, and plants are great too!

This can be applied to any gift. The last gift David gave to Lindsey was a sweet yoga deal and these yoga classes have seriously given her the space to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the classes she attends regularly is creativity yoga. This class offers a combination of yoga and journaling, which has allowed her to focus on her personal well-being like never before. The last gift that Lindsey gave David was a series of high quality motivational posters that he has been able to use to improve the energy of his home.


We’ve also decided to get our family members healing [insert cool present that we shall not name so as to not ruin the surprise!] that will allow them to experience greater self-love.

So get out there and get shopping for meaningful, holistic, and love-inducing gifts. Give the gift of health! If you’ve already got your gifts, you can easily get holistic gifts for under $10!

If you have any ideas for what to get your loved ones or what Lindsey and David should get for each other, let us know on our Facebook group or via email at!