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About Relationship Zen

Together, David and Lindsey are a dynamic duo with one goal in life: happiness -- and they're taking you and your partner along for the journey.

"We're not two halves, we're two wholes sharing a path"
Lindsey & David

Photo Cred: Redwood Studio

Photo Cred: Redwood Studio

"The day the relationship you have with yourself is great — when you love yourself unconditionally, when you respect yourself 100 percent, when you honor yourself, and you never do anything against yourself — when finally you are that way, then you will attract the right  [person]." - Don Miguel Ruiz (Author of the Mastery of Love)"

Relationship Zen is about cultivating relationships founded on happiness, fulfillment and simplicity. It's about learning to clear miscommunication, emotional baggage, and toxicity to create a new kind of partnership with our significant others.

If we do our part, we (the authors) will be happier. If you’d like to join in, our hope is that you too, will be happier, and help to create healthier partnerships, families, and communities. This is the ripple effect that we anticipate.

What makes this space powerful, we believe, is that we share our own stories to remind everyone that we are learning together. We are like anybody else except that we're making public a piece of our relationship. The articles are not meant to substitute professional services although the posts can be therapeutic. We hope you will enjoy engaging with our content.

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful."  – John Maeda
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About David

David is a higher education professional, a leadership educator, and a martial arts instructor. He has many interests and most of all, he loves to add value, to lead collaboratively, and to learn conitnuously.

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About Lindsey

Lindsey is a student services professional, singer, and lover of the Universe.  She hosts gatherings for women, is a yoga enthusiast, and encourages women to embrace their wombs and nurture them as a source of power and energy.

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