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Getting Good at Relationships is Hard

Intimate relationships are hard to maintain! We talk about how we sometimes feel like it can take months to build our healthy habits, but just one heated interaction to feel like we’ve fallen backwards.

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5 Ways to Love Like it’s Your Last Day on Earth

In a time when we are surrounded by many broken, superficial, or unhealthy relationships, it can be very powerful to identify relationship mentors/role models in our lives. What made their relationship so powerful, especially as they grew older, was that they lived by the following principle:

Live like it’s your last day on earth… No. Love like it’s your last day on earth.

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Lessons From a Young Teen

The prerequisite to attracting a fulfilling relationship is to commit to having the best and most positive relationship with yourself. Weak self-love and self-mastery are the causes of any negativity that may exist in our current and past relationships. Also, being optimistic by default not only grants wonderful mental and physical benefits, but also helps us to attract relationship Zen.

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Treat Your Loved Ones Like Strangers

We’ve noticed that many relationships (sometimes even our own) contain less-than-healthy recurring arguments (inability to resolve conflict), condescending communication, withdrawal (silent treatment), hypersensitivity (defensiveness), suspicion (jealousy), sarcasm, criticism, bitterness, distrust, lack of meaningful time spent as a couple, lack of respect, and overall lack of kindness and sympathy.

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