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6 Books for Relationship Zen Success

Imagine you are on a long journey by yourself. Along the way, you meet mentors and you learn from them one by one. That’s how we see these books -– they each have something meaningful and pivotal to share with us along our path. 

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5 Ways to Love Like it’s Your Last Day on Earth

In a time when we are surrounded by many broken, superficial, or unhealthy relationships, it can be very powerful to identify relationship mentors/role models in our lives. What made their relationship so powerful, especially as they grew older, was that they lived by the following principle:

Live like it’s your last day on earth… No. Love like it’s your last day on earth.

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Treat Your Loved Ones Like Strangers

We’ve noticed that many relationships (sometimes even our own) contain less-than-healthy recurring arguments (inability to resolve conflict), condescending communication, withdrawal (silent treatment), hypersensitivity (defensiveness), suspicion (jealousy), sarcasm, criticism, bitterness, distrust, lack of meaningful time spent as a couple, lack of respect, and overall lack of kindness and sympathy.

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