Mid-Year Relationship Check-in and Acceleration

"How would you like to enter the second half of your year with clarity, confidence and power?” - Brendon Burchard

Given the fact that we have less than 6 months left in the year, we want to ask you: "How would you and your partner(s) like to enter the second half of your year with greater relationship clarity, confidence, and power?”

If you'd like to do that, then know that the mid-year is a great time to pause to make sure you’re on track and accelerate your relationship goals.

Pro tip: Intention + Action = Transformation

In this post, get ready to find out how to:

  • relish in the changes you and your relationship have made this year,

  • do a much-needed check-in with you and your partner(s); and,

  • accelerate your ability to co-create a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship.

Get strategic about your relationship

Let’s be honest, a huge part of our lives for those of us in relationships is with our partner(s), if not physically, than mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We owe it to ourselves, to our partners, and to our families to do our personal best to create a conscious relationship.

We each have the innate ability to do that, but we also get distracted by things that aren’t as important: drama, ego, media, materialism, etc. Focusing more on these distractions and less on our relationship obviously leads to stagnation, frustrations, disappointments, cycles of conflict, or worse.

So, it’s important to be strategic (intentional) about your relationship.

Remember that blog post we wrote back in January that walks you through personal and relationship goal setting for 2019?

Well goal setting is essential to being strategic because it helps to close the gap between where you are today (which is beautiful in itself) and who you are becoming (which is beauty in action).

Here’s a refresher of the WHY behind goal setting from that post:

“Setting personal and relationship goals prepares us to form the habits that are in service of our best and most authentic selves and relationships. The process motivates us, creates new levels of self-awareness and ultimately, is an act of celebration and self-love.” - Relationship Zen

But setting the goal and installing the habit was only just the beginning. Part of doing it effectively is actually measuring and reflecting on progress and making changes: daily, weekly, monthly, and at least every 6 months (here we are!).

See we used to set awesome goals and (probably too many of them) at the start of the year. Then, we wouldn’t look at them until the end of the year. Not so effective!

This left us feeling disappointing in ourselves for betraying our intentions AND overwhelmed because we felt like we had too many more goals to accomplish.

Then, we adopted the mid-year check-in process which helped us to not only stay on track, but to accelerate!

Achieve more this half of the year than you did the first half with these 4 key questions:

Reflect and take action

  1. We loved this great question and tactic from Brendon Burchard, so we adapted it to Relationship Zen: What are 3 things that you and your partner have been doing this year that has been really working for you? Do 1 more hour of one or more of those things each week. Put it in your calendar.

  2. What can you acknowledge and forgive for not yet “accomplishing”? No shame. Goals should work for you and not the other way around. Reflect on the reasons with compassion and commit to it, postpone it, delete it, or modify it so it resonates with your current circumstances and your vision for your best relationship.

  3. What relationship growth, experiences, and contributions can you celebrate so far this year? Schedule a mini or full blown celebration together. Put it in your calendar for this week or the next.

  4. How would it feel to level-up your relationship before the end of the year? Or, what would it mean for you, your partner(s), and your family to level-up your relationship? Hold onto that feeling. You got this.

The first idea behind this check-in is to remind ourselves how we want to show up in life and in relationships and to commit.

The second idea is to accelerate (thanks to Brendon Burchard) by “entering “the second half of your year with clarity, confidence, and power.”

Share your goals, commitments, small/big wins or lessons with us on social media or in our private community Facebook group. And, share the article if you love it! We appreciate it.

Sending you love and light,


P.S. If you’re feeling stuck with this and need some support, don’t be afraid to reach out! We’ve been doing strategic personal and relational development for over 10 years and we honestly love helping others with it. So, send us a message and we’ll help you out!

P.P.S We want to acknowledge and thank Brandon Burchard for question 1 and the concept of “accelerating goals” that we adapted from his podcast. We love it! It’s so inspiring!