Meditation Attracts Butterflies?

“When you have a problem, meditate on it and the answer will come, during the meditation or afterwards.”

As you may have seen in the Opposites Attract post last week, we have experienced our share of negative discussions. After such events, we try to meditate to prevent future negativity. We meditate because it is an important aspect of achieving a simple, happy and fulfilling life…

Speaking of fulfilling, the past few months that Lindsey has meditated she’s felt something very cool and interesting: a tingling sensation right in between her eyes. She began to hone in on this feeling and take advantage of what was occurring. She kept focusing on that spot (David actually said that this particular location is a Chakra spot). So we looked it up and found a site that explained the feeling Lindsey was experiencing and what a Brow Chakra is.

On a sunny afternoon, a day removed from our downtown dispute, Lindsey decided to take advantage of the super-awesome energy she was feeling by meditating. She was trying to explore her connection to other Chakras and something magical happened. After coming out of a pretty deep meditation, there were two butterflies dancing in her room. Was this a coincidence, or did her positive energy bring the butterflies to her? We don’t believe in coincidences, only in intentional messages.

In this case, the dancing butterfly couple reminded us of the importance of self-reflection to make relationships work. The butterflies might have been saying, “Keep meditating by yourself because it will help make your relationship with David more powerful and fulfilling!”

If you and your partner seem to be going through a downward spiral, but you want to make it work, take a break from trying to fix it together and try working in isolation on your mind and soul. It can be more effective.

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