Here’s the Down Low- Our first official blog!

Here’s the Down Low (if you notice D.L. are our initials… we think we’re funny and clever! Teehee).

Our names are David and Lindsey. David is an engaged grad student and staff at York University, a passionate leadership educator and learner, a committed martial artist and warrior, and in the process of discovering Zen. He is secretly weird in a hilarious way. Lindsey is a a York grad in Fine Arts Cultural Studies and Women Studies who works as Team Lead at York’s RED Zone. She loves to be creative in everything she does, and secretly loves singing Mariah Carey songs way too loudly. Together we are a dynamic partnership with one goal in life: to become enlightened. Yes, enlightened – and we’re taking you along for the journey.

As we were trying to write this blog, this is the conversation that was initiated:
D: “Who came up with this idea anyways?”
L: “You?”
D: “Oh yeah, it was after I attended TEDxRyersonU.”
L: “Oh yeah. You should just start the blog with this convo.”
D : “Really?”
D: *starts typing*

“The day the relationship you have with yourself is great — when you Love yourself unconditionally, when you respect yourself 100 percent, when you honour yourself, and you never do anything against yourself — when finally you are that way, then you will attract the right  [person].” – Don Miguel Ruiz (Author of the Mastery of Love)

Get the Down Low on Relationship Zen

Get the Down Low on Relationship Zen


Relationship Zen is about finding happiness in the daily chaos of intimate relationships. It’s about clearing away the mis-communication, emotional baggage, and negativity to create a new kind of partnership with our significant other, one built on the principles of Zen: happiness, simplicity, and self-fulfillment.

We noticed that our approach to relationships is a little… different. We’re not saying that our dynamic is perfect by any means… and you will see. However, we do believe that we are consciously choosing the “higher” way of living, both as individuals and as a unit.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”  – John Maeda

Why a blog and not a journal? Because we have journals. Also, because we’re new to blogs (can you tell!?) and as part of our learning contract, we need to learn new things – even if it means failing the first few times (you can help us be the judge of that).

We will try to post 1 – 2 times a month on our experience with trying to apply Zen principles and strategies. Although we’re not intending to teach anyone, our stories and lessons may help you – after all, we’re just another couple sharing and reflecting on our own personal experiences (the good and the less obviously good). You can expect our posts to be silly, corny, serious, potentially outrageous, and a little bit ridiculous, but we really encourage you to interact with us through the comments section or our Facebook page.

If we do our part, we (the authors) will be happier. If you do your part, you (the reader) will be happier. (hopefully!) If we all do our part, the whole world will be happier. This is the ripple effect that we anticipate. You know, like the wave at a baseball game?

“If people aren’t laughing at your goal, your goals are too small.” – Robin Sharma (AuthorThe Leader Who Had No Title)