Back into the Swing of Things!

Have no fear, we are still here!

Everyone is crazy busy, and let us tell you the past few months have been pretty intense for us! We both finished our undergraduate degrees and are ready to start a new chapter in our lives. Lindsey moved and started work as the RED Zone Lead at York University; David was accepted into grad school and started working at Glendon campus.

We are truly sorry for putting our blog on the back-burner! At the same time however, we don’t feel bad for putting this on a delay because it didn’t feel right to continue until just now. In fact, we feel more prepared to blog moving forwards. Writing blogs is a beautiful outlet for developing our relationship with each other and ourselves. It is something that we are going to start doing on a regular basis to keep you in the loop about what’s been happening with us (there have been many powerful conversations and interactions that have been happening lately that we cannot wait to write out and explain).

 Yay! We're Back!

Yay! We're Back!


This summer is going to be a very interesting journey for us; we are going to be seeing each other less throughout the summer, so what we experience may be more intense. We’re definitely looking forward to sharing that with you!

*Tip of the Day: Be grateful and mindful of positive and negative situations throughout your day!*

What was your most recent life transition, and how has it changed your priorities? Let us know on our Facebook page!